Our Mission

  • To help people with SCIs to rebuild their lives with hope, independence and dignity in order for them to have full inclusion in all aspects of community life, to achieve this safely and with injury prevention.
  • To provide not only comprehensive sporting facilities as part of the rehabilitation process but to establish a vocational centre for business/horticulture etc and encourage in-house job creation.
  • To provide basic Skill Training – There are many fields open to those in a wheelchair and depending on the level of education ARRAY Foundation will provide training for example: in tailoring, candle making, wood work, craft making, horticulture, mobile phone repair, medical transcription training and various IT skills.
  • To guide and encourage people to consider training as doctors (e.g. eye surgeon), dentists, psychiatrists, engineers, teachers, accountants – the limitation is only in the mind of the person. In short, any skill that the person shows aptitude for.
  • To conduct workshops for family and other members of society to educate them how to live and work alongside persons with a SCI.
  • The Foundation will partner with corporates for job placements.
  • To create an ARRAY Foundation scholarship for disabled students. 
  • To advance the field of rehabilitation through education, research and advocacy.
  • Partner with other government and non-government agencies involved in the care of people with SCI and co-ordinate with them for the benefit of all SCI persons.
  • To undertake projects that will generate income – not for profit – but to sustain and grow the centre. By having funds available the Centre will be able to attract world class therapists, have state of the art equipment, a well-run training centre, a permaculture project, hold international conferences, sports activities and workshops.

Our Vision

To have a barrier free world where those with SCI’s are seamlessly re-socialised into the community.

Core Values Of Foundation

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